Wednesday, December 29, 2004

BBC - Drama - Sherlock Holmes

The famous detective returns to BBC ONE, on the hunt for a serial killer in this one-off special. Rupert Everett stars as the illustrious Sherlock Holmes, with Ian Hart as his sidekick Dr Watson.

Ian Hart had his first outing as Dr Watson in BBC's 2002 version of The Hound of the Baskervilles - starring alongside Moulin Rouge!'s Richard Roxburgh as Holmes. - Eat, drink and watch telly

...But in Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Silk Stocking (today, BBC1, 9.25pm), the eagle-eyed (and eagle-beaked) detective, played by Rupert Everett, has hung up his magnifying glass, concentrating instead on feeding his opium habit in the darkest and foggiest corners of old London town - clever use of three trillion smoke machines can cunningly disguise a multitude of 21st-century sins. It takes a visit to Baker Street from old mate Dr Watson (Ian Hart) to coax Holmes out of retirement and help solve a case that threatens the very core of the aristocracy. In this original tale written by Allan Cubitt, Everett portrays the master sleuth with the haughtiness and asexuality expected from the role. Sadly, despite his movie pedigree, Everett’s Holmes lacks the sharpness and depth other actors have brought to the part, creating a character who is just too smooth and superficial. Nevertheless, I’m sure he’ll get to the bottom of it....
Christainity Today - The Top Ten Books of 2004

"# 5 -
The Final Solution. Michael Chabon (Fourth Estate). Pastiches of Sherlock Holmes are a dime a dozen, and while the good ones are delectable I tend to avoid the genre. What Michael Chabon has produced is not only a brilliant homage to Holmes and his creator—a story set in 1944, imagining the great detective as a very old man—but the single most accomplished work of fiction I read this year, joyful and sorrowful in full measure. First published a year earlier in The Paris Review, this novella brims over with great talent exuberantly put to work. (The audio version, read by Michael York, is superb.)"