Wednesday, May 18, 2005

'A Slight Trick of the Mind' - New York Times:

'Is that true? Are you really him?'

'I am afraid I still hold that distinction.'

'You are Sherlock Holmes? No, I don't believe it.'

'That is quite all right. I scarcely believe it myself.'

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Sherlockians recall hero's fate with Multnomah Falls cortege:

One hundred-and-fourteen years ago, the evil Professor James Moriarty pitched Sherlock Holmes over Reichenbach Falls in the Swiss Alps. Sherlockians the world 'round have neither forgotten nor forgiven.

That's why you might see as many as 50 ladies and gentlemen in Victorian frock coats, top hats and mourning crepe laboring up the path toward Multnomah Falls this morning, accompanied by a bagpiper. They're members of the Sherlock Holmes Society of Portland Oregon, aka the Noble and Most Singular Order of the Blue Carbuncle, and this is their annual Reichenbach Day, which commemorates Holmes' final sad trajectory.