Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Westerns For Today: Book Review: HOLMES ON THE RANGE by Steve Hockensmith

"...This book was published and marketed as a mystery. And it is a mystery. It's also a western and a damned fine one. All the elements are there, and Hockensmith doesn't stint on period details that show he actually knows what constitutes a western. This novel is a fantastic example of precisely how western writers today can rebuild their market space.

The story itself is funny at times, hilarious at others, and the ranch, the hands and the working life of a cowpuncher described with great flair and accuracy. Overlooked as a western novel, but praised as a mystery, HOLMES ON THE RANGE delivers the goods on both genres with wit, charm and excellent writing. That said, there are also plenty of times where the storyline is serious and the scenes intense...
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