Thursday, June 28, 2007

Books for Kids reviews The Enola Holmes Mysteries

Before Nancy Drew or Veronica Mars there was, according to author Nancy Springer, a young lady with serious sleuthing skills and some pretty impressive DNA. Her name was Enola Holmes and you can guess whose sister she was.

From the Books For Kids Blog ....

"Enola, by her very name, which spelled backward is "alone," is no stranger to her mother's penchant for ciphers and hidden meanings, especially of the botanical sort, but when her mother suddenly disappears on her fourteenth birthday, Enola feels that the birthday gifts left behind for her contain the secret of her mother's whereabouts. Her much-older brothers, Mycroft and Sherlock Holmes, are, however, clueless about the disappearance until an audit of the manor's accounts shows that their mother has been embezzling funds for years, enough to provide herself with considerable "mad money" far from the restraints of Victorian widowhood."
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